Abstracts Submission

The type of abstract

1. Genitourinary stones

2. Genitourinary tumor

3. Urinary dysfunction

4. Reproductive dysfunction

5. Sexual dysfunction

6. Genitourinary endocrine dysfunction

7. Endoscopic surgery

8. Ostomy, robot assisted surgery

9. Genitourinary basic research

10. Genitourinary care

Notice about submission

1. The abstract should be the latest two years research achievements (either published or unpublished), written in both English and Chinese (limited to 500 characters);

2. The abstract should be submitted in accordance with the format of Title, Author, Institute, Address, Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion;

3. The contributor must fill in valid email address and phone number (mobile phone) in order to contact smoothly;

4. Once your essay is selected as the communication paper after approved by the academic committee, please attend the meeting on time. Spoken man could make multimedia slideshow (USB or portable hard disk) in advance and make good preparation to give a lecture.

About awards

The academic committee will select ten outstanding essays to award certification of excellent paper. The contributor who is planning to apply for excellent paper should provide English abstract and full paper in English.

Submission process

Meeting address: http://www.gua-cpam.org/

Paper submitted deadline date: October 15th, 2019